Henman Guitars are the fusion of minimalism, craftsmanship, art, and old school quality. We have created instruments for the guitarist who can truly appreciate handcrafted masterpieces.

The ROLLA is absolutely exquisite. The design is unique and spectacular, but what really makes this bass stand out is its playability and tone. Before plugging the ROLLA into an amplifier, strumming the instrument acoustically you will immediately notice that it resonates through its body into yours like no other bass you have played. This is the true test of a great bass.

The body is one piece African Mahogany with a figured North American Maple top and headstock. The 34” scale neck is 5-piece African Sapele with a figured Makassar Indonesian Ebony fingerboard. The 5-piece neck is a unique tension-free design created to remove tension from the neck allowing the bass to resonate like no other. String tension is lessened by up to 80% over traditional basses. Truss rod adjustments, while rarely necessary, are cleverly performed by removing a plug on the back of the bass and simply inserting a supplied allen driver and making minimal turns in the desired direction.

The electronics include a master volume, a master tone control and a pickups select toggle switch. All of the components are hand assembled and include brass interior parts. The neck & bridge pickups are the astounding Hammon Dark Star pickups, vintage Hagstrom re-creations. The bridge is a brass HipShot ‘A’ style custom finished for Henman guitars, and the tuners are exclusive Sperzel locking with Henman’s own exclusive machined tuning keys.

The ROLLA is strung with D’Addario Nickel Wound Regular Light strings (.045 - .065 - .080 - .100).

Everything in the design of these basses are deliberate and brilliant. Clearly the choice for the musician who appreciates true art without sacrificing ultimate playability and tone.

“The ROLLA is just what I was waiting for. It’s retro enough to seem familiar and yet totally cutting edge at the same time. It feels like a great vintage jazz bass that traveled to the future for a makeover. Genius!!!” – Jack Daley, Lenny Kravitz band, Joss Stone

“I’m lovin’ my ROLLA. It’s a thing of beauty. An amazing instrument. You hear every single note, separately. It’s now my main stage bass.” – Ric Markmann, Heart

“Minimalist elegance. Lots of sustain, the fundamental note doesn’t ever die away. Very modern bright ringy tone. Very bright, very present. Cool pick tone.” – Ed Friedland, Bass Player Magazine