Henman Guitars offers our three original signature design models with many more options. All new original finishes and many more choices. Improved engineering. Chambered bodies. Interchangeable pickups system. New bridge systems. Improved neck and body contours. Reduced weight, all metal back plates eliminated. Custom aluminum hardware. And of course, complete rebranding.

The S1 is rebranded as the ‘ROCKA’. The S2 is rebranded as the ‘MOD’. The B4 is rebranded as the ‘ROLLA’.

The ROLLA has also been given a new bridge system, custom made pickups with a piezo option, a reduction in weight and will also be available in a fretless version.

After many months of work re-engineering and examining our instruments, we believe it’s truly appropriate to dub this next generation as ‘the NEW ORIGINALS’.

A Statement from Rick Turner,

Rick Turner and HIS TEAM are extremely happy and honored to continue their association with Graham and Paris Henman of Henman Guitars and the Rick Turner/Renaissance Guitar company.

The Henman’s bring a modern industrial design vision to the electric guitar world, one which perfectly fits the production capacity and craftsmanship of the Turner facility in Santa Cruz. Rick’s nearly 40 years worth of designing and building boutique limited production instruments and his ability to do everything from rough mill work through paint and finish, electronics, as well as all the usual hand work places him in a unique position to partner with the Henmans to achieve their vision and aesthetic sense as applied to guitars.

For Rick, this kind of collaboration takes him back to the kind of exciting exchange of ideas among different artists and craftspeople that he found so inspiring at the beginning of his career, but now he has four decades of experience to bring to the table to help the Henmans turn their dream into reality.